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Fidel Castro’s “History Will Absolve Me” Speech

In 1953, on trial, Fidel Castro gave a speech in his own defense, changing the course of Cuban history.


In 1953, after only one year of Fulgencio Batista’s dictatorship, Fidel Castro led a movement designed to overthrow the government. Their complaints with Batista‚Äôs administration were well-founded as the government had restricted speech, suspended the liberal 1940 Constitution, and became a partner of the North American Mafia. As dictator, Batista’s policies benefited him, hurt the lower classes and prevented democracy. The suspension of rights, corruption, and inequality compelled Castro to fight back.


Fidel Castro’s “History Will Absolve Me” speech in 1953 was a turning point in the Cuban revolution. The speech displayed his leadership skills, convinced the population to turn against Batista, and promised necessary and important change to the country.